How to Participate

Hospital Outpatient Quality Reporting (OQR) Program

Getting Started

To participate in the Hospital OQR Program, a hospital must:

  1. Register for a QualityNet Security Administrator (SA) account to access the Secure Portal before beginning to report data, regardless of the method used for data submission.
  2. Maintain a QualityNet Security Administrator as outlined in the registration process located in the QualityNet Registration section of Existing SAs for the CMS Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR) Program may also register as the SA for the Hospital OQR Program. Although it is not required to have more than one Hospital OQR SA, we highly recommend designating more than one SA for back-up purposes.
  3. Collect chart-abstracted clinical data for each quarter and submit these data by the deadline.
  4. Collect data for measures to be submitted via a web-based tool and submit these data by the deadline.

Submission of any Hospital OQR Program data would indicate a hospital’s status as a participant in the program; this includes submitting just one data element.

Additional Requirements

Detailed requirements for hospitals participating in the Hospital OQR Program can be found in the Hospital OQR Program Reference Checklist.

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  3. From the dialog box, choose the Security tab.
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  5. Set Active Scripting to Enable.
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